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Angel: The Playwright
Jo Davidsmeyer
Ms. Davidsmeyer is an award-winning
playwright, as well as an accomplished (former) musical director. In a professional non-fiction writing career spanning nearly twenty-five years, she has been editor for several publications (everything from real estate to internal medicine) and was creator and managing editor of Strange New World science fiction collectors' magazine. Other notable plays include The Queen of Light, The Mighty, Roving, Pan-Galactic Miknik Art Players, and The Man from Pizza Heaven. She also wrote the Christian music song "If I Have Not Love," based on Corinthians 13, and published the book Combat!: A Viewers' Companion, based on the 1960's television series that starred Vic Morrow and Rick Jason. She is a certified teacher in Sarasota, Florida that works with home schoolers in addition to being a web site designer. Visit


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